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The best outdoor cookers

And, of course, there is the barbecue, always busy on any rainless day, its delicious summer smog drifting around the neighbourhood. Yet a charcoal grill is a tool with limits; and no matter how swanky the gas barbecue, it really does little more than char a sausage or a chop. Now, however, with an ever-widening range of outdoor cooking equipment we can not only grill but also stew, roast and bake without an electric socket in sight.


I know several garden-kitchen chefs who are devoted to the almost medieval kotlich, a tough, enamelled Hungarian cooking pot with a tripod stand. This is the pot to fill with a big, spicy, tomato-laden braise of beans – you can cook sausages over the fire afterwards, to eat with it. I love its simplicity (a linked chain helps you adjust the height of the bowl over the flames), and I like its spontaneity: you can cook with it almost as soon as the fire is lit, allowing you to use the heat a barbecue would otherwise expend reaching the perfect white-grey heat. Ideal, in my experience, for chowders and fish stew-soups (see the Watergate Bay recipe on page 65), curries and stir fries. A 13-litre kotlich plus tripod costs £63; optional grill, £32; firepit (to keep the fuel off the ground), £34, from the Outdoor Kitchen.

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