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Product Review-the Kotlich-from Green Shopping

Cooking outdoor with the hanging kotlich / BogracUnfortunately mussels were out of season (they would have been my first choice), also several of the expected diners were vegetarian so a non-meat paprikas seemed to be the order of the day. Penny (Miss Not Much Money Penny) and I chopped up a mass of assorted vegetables, both green and root, added half a garlic (yes I did mean that, about 6 cloves), one small but very hot red chilli, and some seasoning. The remaining space in the Kotlich was filled with water and some vegetable stock. The instructions said we would need more liquid than usual but frankly there wasn’t room for more than a bare covering. On top of this we floated two large Pimento peppers.

It is a testament to the design that I was then able to carry the full Kotlich in one hand and the folded tripod in the other and walk the hundred yards or so downhill from our kitchen to the campsite without spilling a drop.

With the tripod set up and the Kotlich hung in place over a small fire it was just left to wait the hour or so until it was cooked. It bubbled and boiled away, requiring minimum supervision apart from occasionally shortening or lengthening of the chain to maintain even cooking. This was not at all difficult as the handle and chain never got hot.

Cooking outdoor with the hanging kotlich / Bograc

Ten minutes before serving I added the secret agent (well there had to be one, didn’t there?) in this case paprika. A ‘healthy’ amount was sprinkled in, enough to draw gasps from the expectant diners.

A few minutes later and it was served to the ten people present along with plenty of hunks of bread and slices of the pimentos. The overwhelming response was very positive both for the Kotlich and perhaps more surprisingly for the quality of the food. It was certainly the easiest mass catering I have ever done and one I intend to repeat. The Kotlich just wiped clean at the end of the day and looks as good as new.

So if you enjoy the simple things in life and outdoor cooking in particular then a Kotlich is probably for you.

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